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I heard it on a Podcast...

How often does your conversation with a friend start by saying "I was listening to a podcast..." If you’re anything like me, you have in the past six months, watched just about everything on Netflix and listened to almost every podcast possible. As I have dug through the depths of the podcast world I have found some delightful as well as binge worthy podcasts. Here are the top five! 

5. The Dave Chang Show! I stumbled upon this one on accident. I had no clue Dave Chang had a podcast and was already a big fan of his Netflix show “Ugly Delicious”. A self proclaimed chef and lover of pop culture and business I quickly resonated with him. His way of asking the right questions to shed light on the amazing accomplishments of his guests is great. Just one episode won’t be enough for you! My favorite episode is titled “The king of retail, Mickey Drexler”.

4. Without Fail! I have been a listener of This American Life for years now so when I found out Alex Blumberg hosted this podcast I knew it was a must listen. Not only is his voice one of the best in the podcast business but he has a style of running the conversation that makes the podcast binge worthy. On this podcast I highly recommend starting on episode 1! Disclaimer... it will suck you in!

3. Reply All had been recommended to me by just about everyone and their dog (before then I didn’t know dogs listened to podcasts). I kept putting it off because I was too cool to follow the status quo but oh boy was I wrong. No introduction is needed just go listen to episode #102 and you can thank me later. 

2. Monocycle with Leandra Medine is how I imagine my thoughts talking to myself. As she mad dispatch episodes during total shutdown in New York it felt like I was listening more to my thoughts rather than a human on the other end recording a podcast. Leandra has a way of reminding us all that we are human and all getting through this life one step at a time, enjoy ourselves and share laughs with others along the way!

1. Oh Boy a Man Repeller podcast! A true friend to help me through the work from home struggle and keep me focused. Hearing stories of other people following their dreams to create and inspire a better world is what Oh Boy is all about. Many times it was intended to be background noise as I worked but quickly had my full attention as it leaves me motivated and inspired to be authentically myself.

This is a short list of the many podcasts I have consumed over the past six months. Give them a chance and you’re sure to be inspired, woke or at least entertained! 

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