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Style 101: The Third Piece

Over ten years ago when I first started to follow fashion blogs and look at mens fashion magazines I could figure out why their outfits looked so good and mine didn't. It wasn't until about eight years ago I learned about the third piece rule. Listen up everyone, every outfit needs a third piece! It's just as important to remember that some items match better with certain pieces. Denim flows with a blazer, Ball Caps jive with knits and beanies match well with chinos.

Some of my favorite "Third Pieces" are hats, beanies, sweaters, ascots and ties. When, where and why should someone wear another item in their outfit? You should always put a third item into your outfit. Don't leave the house without it. Every where you go you should add that other item. I for one love getting ready to go anywhere. I once had a friend tell me "you know you don't have to get so dressed up all the time, right?". I can't stand going anywhere without putting at least some thought into my outfit. Adding the third item also shows that you put more effort into your outfit rather than just putting any random clothes on without thought.

Since I started working from home I have had to get creative with my outfits as I haven't been shopping. Before the Coronavirus hit I was working part-time at J.crew. Although I rarely worked I loved just going to the mall before I had to work and be able to spend some time shopping. At the end of every shift I would end up buying new pieces for my wardrobe. It has now been over two months since I added anything to my wardrobe and as hard as that has been I have loved being able to pull out stuff that I had forgotten I even had.

One piece of my wardrobe I had almost forgotten was my Brixton Messer Hat. This hat is bold attract lots of attention when out and about. I wear the olive green hat because it tends to flow better with my wardrobe that happens to be mostly warm tones.

When I am in the office I fortunately have a job where I am able to be creative with my style since there is no strict dress code. The culture in the workplace encourages people to be creative, bold and One piece I usually use to top an outfit off is a beanie or a hat.

Here is another inspiration outfit where I styled it with a cashmere beanie. Although I wouldn't recommend a cashmere beanie on a warm spring day I had to do this because I felt like it tied the outfit together so well.

While watching a show last night one of the main characters said that people choose their outfits strategically for what they are trying to accomplish. The "Third Piece Rule" is a key tool to help you look confident and is sure to take any ordinary outfit and take it to the next level.

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