• Austin Green

Sundance 2020

I have lived in Utah my whole life and up until tonight had never been to the world famous Sundance Film Festival. A co-worker of mine who mutually shares a love for film told me about a showing where I could apply for free tickets. I couldn't pass on the opportunity. It was a documentary titled "THE FIGHT". I refrained from reading anything about the documentary and defiantly didn't watch the trailer. Why not? I don't think we should ever go into a film with expectations or else we will, many times be let down.

My wife and I took the short trip to Salt Lake City to see the showing, something I had been thinking about all day at work. If you ever want to enhance your week you should look into making fun plans for a Thursday. Four days into the work week with the weekend so close it is nice to have a friendly reminder that there is light at the end of the tunnel. That light can be your awesome Thursday night plans.

If you plan on seeing the documentary SPOILER ALERT, it's amazing. In a previous life I used to attend weekly political and progressive documentary showings at the local library. Seeing this documentary brought back those nostalgic feelings. It highlighted the ACLU and the activism they are involved in. It was inspiring, the kind of inspiring that had me thinking about going back to school to be a lawyer and defend the defenseless. Then I remembered that I don't love the classroom but it is amazing they even had me thinking about it.

The message of the documentary was strong, It relayed the message that we all may just be one person but that doesn't mean we can't make the difference we want to see in the world. If we opt out of making a positive change in the world then that positive change just might never be made.

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