• Austin Green

What am I doing here?

Six months ago I took a turn in my career. I knew that sales is where I wanted to end up. It was the family trade. My dad and brothers did it. Next up? Me. My first experience in sales was when I dipped my toes into the retail world. My first retail job was working at Marshalls. I dreaded work most days and asked myself "What am I doing here?", That didn't last long so I went and found another job working somewhere that at least sold clothes that I wanted to wear. J.Crew, where I still work part time because... Who can pass up that discount? I even spent years selling workout supplements. I am a skinny guy that doesn't take any of those supplements so I really got creative with my sales pitches. I did my research on different products so I could sound smart. That didn't go very far. It was then I came to learn that if I could just treat everyone with a huge smile and get to know their name and a little bit about them that they would end buying something. Although I would have loved to work there forever, mostly for the flexible schedule that allowed me to ski 50 days a year. It was time to take it to the next level. The big stage, professional sales. I went on to sell staffing for an agency. Do you know what that means? I didn't. It didn't take long before I was asking myself "What am I doing here?" there wasn't much of a culture, and the little bit of culture there was, wasn't something I wanted to be apart of. All of that coupled with an hour commute each way wasn't something I saw as a part of my life in the future. I started the job search. Looked around Linkedin and connected with an old friend from high school who put me in contact with a recruiter who told me of a contracted position with Pinterest. Pinterest? The cool app that is for old ladies but I secretly used all the time for recipes, DIY projects, and dressing myself everyday? I couldn't think of any other place I would rather go to work. I went to interview there and felt like I walked into a movie or t.v. show where they work at a super hip fun office where happiness and joy pretty much flow through the air.

Fast forward six months. I am still working with Pinterest and I still on occasion ask myself "What am I doing here?". Not because I don't like it or because of the culture but because I have no idea how I got this job. Every day that I have gone to work for the past six months I have been pushed in my ability to adapt and learn to the extreme. I have come to learn the complex world of digital advertising. Something I never thought as very intricate until I opened the curtain and took a peek behind to see how it really works. Everyday I go to work and push myself harder then I ever have in the workplace. It is exciting being apart of something that is growing so fast but at times overwhelming being apart of a company that brings millions of people inspiration everyday and the responsibility that entails.

I still ask myself "What am I doing here?", I still turn every corner and find an obstacle that has never been crossed that I have to find the solution to. My problem solving skills are developing like I never though they would. I may not know the answer to the question I have repeated to myself so many times but I do know that everyday I am finding out a little more of the answer.

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